We provide a 20 year residential warranty on our Binyl floor. You may rest assured that it will be simple to care for and furnish you with many years of satisfaction.

Integrated splash water protection

Thanks to our low-warp Hydroprotect core boards, Binyl floors are better protected against water than conventional laminate, and therefore suitable for installation in private bathrooms.

Microscratch protect

The durable surface will protect your floors against microscratches which can occur through heavy use.

Antibacterial coating***

A.B.C. Antibacterial Coating inhibits the growth of bacteria on your Binyl flooring and protects you and your family from any nasty surprises.


Binyl floors are light-resistant, i.e. even when exposed to sunlight for extended periods they remain colorfast and do not fade.

Locking system with moisture defense technology

The strong click-lock system makes it considerably more difficult for moisture to penetrate and saves you panicking with small water spillages.


Binyl flooring has 4 sided v-groove.

Class DIN EN 13329

Suitable for heavy domestic and medium commercial use.

Without PVC

Binyl flooring is without plasticisers.

TÜV Profi Cert

Regular independent quality checking via external testing and auditing of the production process as part of the quality assurance system of Binyl.

Statement on level of emission

Statement on level of emission of volatile substances in indoor air posing a toxic threat during inhaling - on a scale form A+ (very low-emission) to C (high-emission). For further information: www.eco-institut.de/en/portfolio/emissions-dans-lair-interieur

*For domestic use, according to the conditions of guarantee.

**Please refer to the installation instructions. 

***Tested germs: Staphylococcis aureus, Escherichia coli

****According to Level 6 of the Blue Wool Scale (method for calculation light-resistance)

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